Dedicated software
for your CNC equipment

The numerical control equipment that we distribute are mainly provided with the DDX software suite.

DROLET can also integrate its equipment to already existing softwares, such as Alphacam, Mastercam, Cabinet Vision and several others. Talk to your technical advisor about your needs to be guided toward the best choice.

DDX Software

DROLET represents DDX in Quebec, and supports and trains DDX software users. Our team is specialized in the various sectors, such as stone, glass and wood. Are you planning to optimize any of your processes? Do you require updating or training? We have the answer that you need.

Our CMS supplier has worked in partnership with DDX for many years and continually develops the best applications to meet the needs of the industry.

The DDX software suite

EasyWOOD, EasyGLASS, EasySTONE, and others — facilitates your production processes and is perfect for the working of wood, glass, marble, granite and natural stone.

Additional modules are available to help you improve productivity, such as:


Used for machining wood panels.


Used for producing standard and special doors.


Used for creating standard or custom stairs.


Used for producing straight and arched beams of all sizes.

DDX Photo

Used for taking photos of your granite slabs or optimizing the parts to be cut.

Basic, Advanced and Premium levels are available, and allow for a variety of machining options and uses, according to the level and to your needs.
Interested by these softwares?

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