DROLET CNC Equipment:
the effectiveness of a great team

We have a large team at DROLET CNC Equipment, made up of 3 complementary departments: Administration, Sales and Technical Service. From consultants to programmers, all the members of the Drolet team are enthusiastic and passionate in their work, and will endeavour to respond promptly and efficiently to your requests, in a manner that meets your expectations.

Administrative Team

Our General Manager, Josée Therrien, and her Sales and Marketing Assistant, form a highly efficient and professional administrative team. Their objective is to provide you with courteous and professional service to meet all of your needs, both large and small.

Sales Team

Always on top of the latest technological innovations, our Technical Consultants, Jean Arvisais and Pierre Bazin, have 30 year of experience combined and recognized expertise in numerical control equipment. Passionate about CNC equipment, each one has knowledge and a specialty in the field that enable them to give you judicious advice to help you in developing your projects.

Technical Support

Service Team

Stéphane Breton, Technical Supervisor, Philippe Pelland, Parts Manager and Céline Forcier, Project manager in continuous improvement, plan for the best technical resource to fit your needs and provide you suitable top-quality replacement parts, at the best market price!

It is a daily challenge to support numerical control machine fleets such as those of our customers, and one of the Service Team’s objectives is to continuously improve parts and labour management, and provide prompt service.

Technical Team

The Technical Team is made up of 4 electrical mechanics and application technicians, who provide first-rate technical support. They receive regular training from our suppliers and have specialized, up-to-date numerical control knowledge that enables them to provide appropriate answers to your questions and find solutions to your problems.

In searching for more specialized solutions, our Technical Team offers the advantage of being able to access the technical departments of our suppliers as a rich source of information and support.

CNC Programming Team

Our experienced application technicians and programmers know all the ins and outs of programming and commissioning numerical control equipment. They will provide training for your employees on the proper use and programming of your equipment, guaranteeing that you will have optimal use of your machinery and make a considerable return on your investment.

Is our CNC equipment of interest to you?

Technical Support